Sunday, January 21, 2007

Where you're from

I recently had to fill out a short questionnaire. It asked where I was from and some details about this place. Ok, so Truro/Bible Hill isn't the most exciting place, but if you're from there, I know you love it. The first question asked whether this place was a City or a Village. Ok, in relation to some of the world's cities, we are definitely a village. The next question: 'Were your family neighborhood, schools ethnically or racially mixed?', ok, I would say no. It also wanted to know what religious or cultural institutions affected you growing up. The last question, 'How do you see yourself in relation to these now?', was what hit me. Does where you're from affect who you are now? Although I grew up in a 'typical' traditional family setting, within a mostly white, conservative, Christian, small town, doesn't mean that's who I am now. I also don't discredit or blame my parents/family on my sheltered upbringing. I actually consider myself quite fortunate. Going to Saint Mary's, in a relatively diverse global community in Halifax, I am thirsty to learn about the world and other cultures, issues and people. Where you're from may define who you are or atleast be a big part of who you are. But it shouldn't define or change how you see yourself in relation to the world, in a bigger picture, or limit where you'll go in life.

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