Saturday, August 26, 2006

Prince Edward Islanderese - English dictionary

Hey guys, welcome back, I just 'finished' unpacking all my stuff in my new room, back in Rice on the 13th floor, hope it's lucky this time. Here's a way to understand everyone movin back to the mainland from PEI (esp. Chels!)

across ... across
aunt ... ont
bad ... ba' - ud
calm ... cam
co-op ... kwop (said quickly - one syllable)
cousin ... cousint
creek ... crick
drowned ... drownded
film . fill'-em
fishing ... fishin (dropping final 'g's from -ing is very common on the Island)
goalie ... goldie
H ... haich
lawn ... lawnd
leg ... laig
milk ... melk
pillow ... pellow
pint .. point
potato ... puh-tay'-tuh
right ... roight (substitution of oi instead of i happens in many words on the Island)
sorry .. so' - ry sounds (like Tory, but with a longer o sound)
stole ... stold
tour ... tore (same sort of o sound as in sorry)
wash . warsh
won't ... woon't (see sorry and tour)
yes ... yay'us
yours ... yers
yeah ... yah (said by sucking in air, almost whispered)

Unique Island words:
Froze .. Frozen
Slippy ... Slippery
Stormstayed ... No real equivalent word - means that a storm has come up and made the travelling so bad that you're stuck somewhere for the night.
Yuz ... You (plural)
Yer guyses ...Yours (plural)

Unique Island phrases:
C.F.A...Come From Away - someone who is "not from the Island" or who has moved here recently. For some people "recently" means any time after birth. "She wouldn't know that, she's a CFA"\n
THE water . Either the Northumberland Strait or the Gulf of St. Lawrence. "Our house is on a hill; you can see the water from our living room."
THE boat . The car ferry. "We have to make the 6 o'clock boat", "We'll have lunch on the boat"\n
THE bridge ...The Confederation Bridge. In Charlottetown, it also can mean the Hillsborough Bridge.
Right hot (or roight hut) ... Very hot. Right is often used to mean very, as in "right close" (roight close), "right icy" (roight oicy)\n
Some good ... Very good. Some can sometimes be used instead of right to mean very, but not always.
From acrost ... From New Brunswick or Nova Scotia
Something or other ... This phrase is usually run together, more like "som-n-r-uthr"\n
No I nevered ... I didn't. You also hear "I never" for the same thing
Throw me up my / down my ... Instead of "throw my... down to me"
Sock feet ... Wearing socks, but no footwear. "Get off the grass in your sock feet!"\n
Desperate cold .. Very cold. Can be used, like some and right, with a wide variety of words
Handy the school ... Near the school
Grade Twoers (Thre-ers, Fourers, etc) ... Children in Grade Two (three. four, etc). You also hear "Grade Twos", etc.
Island turn ... A right turn that involves going left into the oncoming traffic lane before taking a sweeping wide right turn, as if one had a thirty foot trailer attached to the car\n

good luck!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hot town, summer in the city

Even though it was summer, I was still pretty busy, and didn't get a chance to update as much as I wanted to. Here's some pics from some of our adventures this summer.

The crew in PEI for Canada Day and the Tragically Hip. Having some food before Joel Plaskett!

It was a foggy day, but we still had fun at the beach.

This isn't what you think. Don't you hate it when you show up to the bar and you're wearing the same shirt as someone else?

Group shot of everybody at Seymour's cottage. See ya next summer.....

Good to get away

It was good to get away last weekend. A bunch of us from SMU went to Seymour's cottage with some of his friends from the valley. It's a really nice spot on the North shore wedged between Fox Harb'r and Wallace. What I thought was going to be a relaxing weekend turned into excercise boot-camp. We played ultimate frisbee and football allll day. The best was the bonfire though, with some guitar and beers. Every once and awhile you need to get away with friends, really get away, out of the city, away from shopping, the media, news, and noise. Now it's time to go buy school supplies!! ahhhh

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Community-Based Monitoring

Why I love my job, (Gaff point, Lunenburg County) haha, a view from my office:

Like I already said, I'm on a co-op workterm this summer at SMU with a not-for-profit, doing environmental research. Sounds boring, but I like it alot. And I'm learning what I want to do in the real world, and applying things I learned in class. My boss is awesome, and I really like my co-workers. We work in the office sometimes but we're out in the field alot. We deal with other community groups around HRM concerned with water quality, effects of large-scale development, pollution, etc.

Check us out:

ahhhh!! Who can't wait to see this movie?