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5215 Green Street Quote Wall

May 2007 to April 2009
Some funny quotes from our time at 5215 Green:

Robyn: Let’s play a game
Katherine: Is it called slap your own ass? Cause I win!

Robyn: Katherine you’re not supposed to be naked!

Robyn: It’s hot in here!
Katherine: Take off your shirt. Oh wait, you already did.

Adam: I took the phone from your room.
Matt: That’s okay, it doesn’t ring anyways.
Adam: That’s because it’s not plugged in.

Lisa: We should go to Citadel Hill.
Kendra: I’ve heard there’s stuff up there.

Wang messaging Kendra
Kendra: You gotta be a lot hard than that for me to feel anything

Tom: Speaking from a strictly culinary perspective, a sausage square sound delicious

Adam: Thought I found a big rat turd in the drier, but it was just a raisin. False alarm!

Robyn: Think your legs are spread wide enough? It’s like you’re Katherine on a Friday night.
Adam: No, my pants are on, I’m Chelsea!

Jordan (while playing Jenga): Some people think the hard part is pulling it out, but it’s really getting it on top!

Chelsea: Wooooh, my foot’s so heavy
Chelsea: No, it flunktuates
Chelsea: It’s like a frog, I just need to ribbit
Chelsea: Everything in here has an extra layer, I feel fuzzy

Robyn: I don’t know about you, but I’m rocking a pretty sweet side pony right now

Robyn: Is watching movies code for doing it with batteries?

Frank: I got the bigger piece of bone, which means I won the wish, which was to get the bigger piece of bone!

Frank (Talking about the George Foreman grill with a cover): It’s so cold, even the grill’s got a sweater on.

Jordan: Does this apple look okay to you?
Katherine (Swatting apple): Yeah, but there’s a bruise on it right there

Adam: After you’re done with her, it’s you owe me

Katherine: I’m just a hotter guy than you are

Chelsea (On how many guys she cock-teases): I just can’t keep track of those.

Adam: Do you know what would make this party better?
Kendra: More liquor? Weed? No, poutine!!!

Jordan: Well I’ve got a layer of fur. I might as well use it.

Frank: My sexiness isn’t translating onto film

Adam: I’m bad with chips
Jordan: I’m bad with crackers
Adam: White people?

Adam (About the barbeque): Ahhhh, it’s one fire! Give me something long and hard!

Lisa: I was in Orlando in January
Kendra: Oh yeah? Did you go to Marineland? In Niagara Falls, Ontario, there’s always a fun place to go....
Lisa: Well, no, Orlando is in Florida

Talking about how we get called the wrong names:
Adam: I get called Andrew a lot for some reason. I guess people thing I look like an Andrew.
Jenny: Yeah, I get Wang a lot
Adam: That’s what she said

Kendra: It’s called a push-up bra because it hurts them?
Lisa: Yes
Kendra (Trying it on): It doesn’t hurt at all!

Lisa: What’s on your shirt?
Wang: Oh, I was holding a cat earlier
Lisa: I thought it was from a blond haired girl
Wang: I wish, but either way I was getting some pussy

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