Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cool beans

April 24, 2008 2:53 PM

Minister of Environment Mark Parent introduced a bill today, April 24, to formally create a stand-alone department dedicated to the environment.

The move will allow a sharper focus on one of government's five priorities, protecting the environment.

"The environment is a priority for everyone -- our citizens, business and government," said Mr. Parent. "We are very excited about the renewed focus this new stand-alone department will bring to the environment portfolio. Our renewed focus will help continue to be environmental leaders in this country and around the world."

The Department of Environment will be responsible for dealing with climate-change issues, and advancing the province's goals outlined in the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act.

"We are committed to combating climate change, to reducing air emissions and waste, and providing increased protection of our land and water," said Mr. Parent.

The department will ensure Nova Scotia remains a leader in achieving environmentally sustainable economic prosperity.

Mr. Parent was sworn in as Minister of Environment on April 1. The previous department responsible for environmental issues, Environment and Labour, will cease to exist.

The Department of Environment's new website address is .