Sunday, February 04, 2007

See you soon

Sucks to say good bye. Richard left last week. Seems like a lot of people are leaving lately. Best of luck to you on your internship in Indonesia, Richard. It's really inspiring to see people actually achieving what everyone else talks about wanting to do. I can't wait to work abroad someday. For now, I'll have to just hear about everyone else's experience (shout out to Krista in Tanzania!). Some best memories of Rich's visit in Halifax:
-random post-arrival email from AIESEC alumni sister who loves Victoria (on the wrong coast, haha)
-making fun of April, nobody does it better
-"pink" halloween costume
-the best Asian glow I've ever seen, or the best attempt to cover it up "Richard, why are you red, and why is your hair and shirt soaked?"
-nobody is deeper in thought about relationships, people, or experiences and their meaning, or importance on learning and where you are headed in life

See you soon buddy, either in Germany, or you're welcome back in Hali anytime.

On another note, kind of makes you think on how many people leave the East coast. They need more money, or more opportunities, or a need to be closer to all the action I guess. Are there really no opportunities for young people here? Shouldn't you try to make your own opportunities? I can't wait to get out of here and travel, but I know I'll always be back. See you soon.

Everything your parents forgot to warn you about!

Woooo! Luckiest 13 catches 1st place at Battle of the Floors 2007!
Congrats to everyone on Rice 13 who helped us crush the competition. We all had a blast all day last Sat getting up way to early, showing off our awesome flag, winning some events like musical chairs, limbo, catapillar races, and so many more. I'm super pumped for the afterparty this weekend. We're going to devour our free pizza party, basket of junk food, and celebrate the big win!

Big thanks to GinaBeth and all the other RAs/Res dept who helped pull this off. You did a fantastic job, put a lot of work into the event, and it showed.