Sunday, January 07, 2007

Best of first semester

So first semester of third year is over. I have been really busy, focusing on lots of other things other than blogging...This semester flew by faster than I thought it would. I had a great time getting to know my floor and the new RAs, partying with off-campus friends, and all the AIESECers. I even got to see some friends from home more often than I thought, but still not enough. Some highlights from first semester:

-parties at the Grotto
-Keith's brewery tour and all you can drink beer at the Beer Institute, and making to the CEO's and office hoe's party
-rained out at the Rolling Stones concert in Hali, with Kanye, Sloan, and the best: Alice Cooper!
-RA soccer intramurals, and ultimate frisbee team
-Anything but clothes party
-All male team in Run for the Cure
-free Joel Plaskett concert for Keith's birthday
-Justin Trudeau lecture about youth involvement and the environment
-Grotto 4 and all you can drink beer at Garrison, and Jager night at the G'brook
-JK's visit from TO and the World Cafe
-Drunkin Pumpkin and the Ninja Turtles
-RA night out at Oasis and Rice does Dooley's
-applying for LCP, the whole process, finding out about myself, but still not winning, looking ahead at other opportunities
-home for Remembrance day weekend
-MicroCredit Summit in Halifax, meeting Mohammed Yunis, Queen of Spain, Pres of Pakistan, and Peter McKay, learning a lot about microcredit
-Corporate Breakfast, Moosehead's Game
-Best of Open Mic, twice!

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