Sunday, January 07, 2007

Funniest thing on SNL in a long time: Junk in a box

Everyone needs to see this clip from Saturday night live a couple weeks ago.
1. So people know what I'm talking about, and
2. To spread the general hilarity of the whole thing

I missed the initial episode because Justin Timberlake was the host, and I generally try to avoid him. But a friend sent me this link, and now I hear it everyone. At a recent conference I went to last week in Edmonton, one of the incoming presidents was actually crossdressing with her junk in a box. Awesome

Set 1, cut a hole in a box. Step 2, put your junk in the box. Step 3, make her open the box! haha

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AdamHarris said...

better than this, look on youtube for Box in a box! haha