Tuesday, April 15, 2008

In Antigonish with some environmentalists

So this random weekend in March I headed to St.FX in Anti-go-nowhere for the APICS Environmental Conference. It was a pretty cool conference, with people in undergrad and masters programs from universities all over Atlantic Canada. Dollie, Yukari, Chels and I headed out in our sweet rental car. We got to the sketchy motel on James Street to find no t.v., but wireless internet. A call to the desk confirmed that no one stole it, but we would be getting a tv the next day sometime.

During the conference there was lots of iteresting research presented and cool posters. I was a little nervous to present my thesis research. I don't usually get nervous but this was because there were lots of smart people there, my supervisor came for the day, and I wasn't completely done my research and data analysis. During the awards banquet, Dollie won best poster, congrats!

Other than just being at the conference, we got to check out the sights in antigonish. We did a little bit of 'shopping' downtown and visited a crazy busy liquor store. It was cool that I got to see Laura Gay. It was only for a bit, but we still got to catch up a little. It was aweseom to just hang out and drink with the Environmental studies people, because we really don't get to do that much outside of class. I got to know them a lot better. We showed everyone in Antigonish how to party like we do in the city, and how dollar drinks are really done. The finaly night there was a crazy rain storm, but we still made it home safe. One of the highlights of the weekend was getting to hear Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party speak, more to come on that later.

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