Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

So I'm home in Truro for Thanksgiving, I love long weekends. Especially now that I don't have Fridays off. I have a lot to be thankful for too, like close friends who came home from far away places for the weekend, and drunk texting those who didn't, and not going out to Chevys. There is definitely a mixed crowd at Keggers, but on our third pitcher of Ricard's White, we stopped noticing our friends' parents and old teachers. When that bar shut down too early for us, we went across the street to the Engine room. Free cover is awesome, and so is finding friends from elementary school on the dance floor. Its safe to say I had the best and worst Chinese food in Truro yesterday. We went to Chow family with my whole family, and then after the bars we went to the Asia restaurant, haha. Karth almost found her future husband. Finally having our Naked Gun night tonight, I'm already preparing for Leslie's subtle one liners and laughing so hard my face hurts. It was such a nice weekend, I wish I could have gone to the Wentworth valley. But hopefully make it there soon once it's covered in snow. Definitely will be posting pictures from Fri night soon, haha.

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