Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Green roofs and Baltimore

Back in May, between getting back from Cuba and starting my new job at SMUSA, I headed to Baltimore to present some interesting findings on my green roof research. Myself and Melissa, a Masters student, co-wrote a paper with our supervisor to present at the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities' conference called Greening Rooftops for Sustainable Communities...got all that? haha

The best part was I was leaving Halifax for NYC/Baltimore about an hour after we got back from Cuba, so I was a little pressed for time. At the stop=over in TO they told us we weren't on the flight back to Halifax, "didn't you pre-select you seat?"...oh you mean in Cuba, where there's lots of Internet? So we made it on stand-by, thank god, and got to Halifax on time. I made all my connections and survived US customs.

Baltimore is a really cool city I probably never would have visited otherwise. It's only about 30 minutes from Washington, DC. which we also got the chance to visit. We checked in and went right to a free Orioles game at Camden Yard once we got there. The GRHC people got us VIP in the Bullpen, but crap is baseball boring, and we didn't stay the whole game. I pretty much hadn't slept since Cuba either, after a full night of travelling and finding out I was on stand-by during the time I was supposed to sleep and then another full day of travelling kinda messed all that up.

The conference was really interested. I met a lot of people I cited in my thesis, and saw a lot of very cutting edge research in presentations and posters.

We saw a lot of random tourist stuff in Baltimore. I can't really compare it to any other city I've been in. It was very "American", and had lots of monuments and historical sites and all that. Washington was nuts. It sucked I was in the US capital before Ottawa. There was security everywhere, even the streets had big spikes the jolted up from the pavement to control car traffic. In a whirlwind tour of only a few hours, we walked all around downtown seeing all the major land marks.

Flight home to Halifax took us to Chicago first. Which was a cool coincidence, because Chicago is the green roof capital of North America. The skyline was sweet to see from the plane, and I swear I saw the Family Matters house. Once we got back in NS, it was nice to settle in and not travel...for a little while at least.

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