Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Studying in the summer is just nuts

I think I've decided that I want to be a lawyer. Maybe not be a lawyer, but atleast go into Law. The first step is studying for the LSAT's, holy crap this sucks. Unfortunately reading about logic games didn't top the 10 things I wanted to do this summer, but here I am, haha. With a bachelor degree in environmental studies and biology, I am thinking about environmental law, but also international law. Being a lawyer is only a part of it, unltimately working for the UN or the government saving the world would be cool.

I realized at the end of my thesis, and also a little bit during, that I didn't want to do research forever. It's frustrating to complete a project, find interesting results, and everyone else just says "there, wow, let's file this somewhere for people to look up later". Where is the practical aplication, gratification, and immediate results? Maybe I'm wrong, but right now I want to be on the policy side of things, making big decisions and affecting change. Let's see if this all changes after another 2 months of studying arguement strategies.

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