Saturday, January 26, 2008

Streets of Halifax

I was talking to Chels just the other day about how none of our close friends don't just get together to chill and hang out like we used to. Everyone lives off campus and keeps to themselves more often. Most of us are just a lot more busy than we used to be. Jenny is heading to France for 5 months to study (French maybe?) and we all went over to 5311 South last night to give her a surprise. We dressed up as people you see on the streets in Halifax. It went along with the street sign theme of their house, after they had 'borrowed' a lot of construction signs from the South end. Jenny got there and Katie met her at the door as a super-excercise freak. Jenny: "Katie, why the hell are you dressed like that?" Haha. Anyways, it was an awesome night to catch up with everyone and just chill, plus everyone was hilariously dressed up. I was the Liquor store pirate, Lisa was a pregnant hooker, Chels was the flower guy, Jenna was a walk of shame, Seymour was a squeegie kid, Kaitlyn as an American, and Cathy was a Starbucks cup. I guess all it takes to get your friends all together is to go far away. See you soon Jenny, bon soir!

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