Monday, September 25, 2006

Batten down the hatches Becky

So I'm sitting in Dr. Bob's Human Geography class (2214.1 Environment and Livilihood), it was one of those discussion classes, and everyone was talking about whether or not all the countries of the world will become as developed as us. As developed as us? What does that mean? Is Canada a developed country? and if so, why? We still have poverty, levels of illiteracy, homelessness, environmental problems... Everyone characterized a developing nation as having technology, infrastructure, megacities with core downtowns and sprawling wealthy suburbs, trade, and trans-national corporations who rely on the 'developing' nations for cheap labour and natural resources. So, the question again is, will all countries become developed? Why do we think we are more developed than another country. Shouldn't a developed country be one that can act sustainable, have good social programs, and not exploit other countries?
Is there a difference between sustainable development and RESPONSIBLE development. As Westerners, we always feel we are superior to less-developed nations, and try to bring them up to our standards. Maybe they are happy just the way they are, and we should leave them alone, or help them in different ways than we are. Who says traditional ways of living, subsistence agriculture, lack of internet and other technology are bad. Last week, the Sudanese government rejected UN Peacekeepers because the didn't want western views in their country. I'm not saying we shouldn;t help those starving in Sudan, we need to do more. Why are we so dependent on commercialism? Get out to the country and breathe some fresh air!

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